About us

The Lion Rock Institute was founded in 2004 by Andrew Work, Simon Lee and Andrew Shuen. Lion Rock believes in the potential of the individual and free market values to provide the strongest base for guiding successful government policy in Hong Kong. The Institute was created to ensure that freedom and prosperity would continue to thrive in Hong Kong. The Institute’s mission is to promote free market ideas throughout Hong Kong to improve the lives of Hong Kongers. The Institute does this through having a direct and demonstrable impact on government policy by advancing concrete solutions to keep government small, taxes low and restrictions on business and the individual minimal. It educates policy makers, active political participants and the general public on the virtues of free enterprise in building a prosperous Hong Kong through various media outlets. The Institute globally promotes Hong Kong’s excellence in public policy that exemplifies free market values. The people of Hong Kong have a right and the capability to be involved in the debate about the economic policy of today that will affect their future.

Our Team